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For our family, going out together for ice cream

has always been a special treat and a much-anticipated tradition, it has long been our favorite dessert and so it brings with it many fond memories!

We vividly remember ice cream as the reward

every weekend for working hard in the yard and during our Friday family movie night; the Spring semester never let us down as summer followed close behind with the promise of hot days coming to an end in our favorite way, with a bowl of Cookie Dough and Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream. Enduring the heat while clearing the yard of weeds and moving heavy river rocks was sweetly cooled by the thought that Rosie’s Creamery’s massive scoops were waiting for us if we finished before the sun began to set and there would be two of them if we finished early!

We could always rest assured that our weekend vacation to Estes Park would happily end with one last trip to the local ice cream parlor and finally at the end of each year we eagerly awaited the Christmas season and the delightful Peppermint flavor that accompanied our holiday traditions!

Ice cream means more to us

than merely being a frozen dessert resting on a waffle cone; it brings with it the sweet story we share as a family and with our friends. Knowing that others have memories much like ours, our hope is to share what it means to us to sit down with loved ones and enjoy a truly scrumptious scoop (or two) of ice cream.

And what better way to do this than with natural ingredients, fresh produce, and homegrown Colorado commitment to the very best, as we strive to craft our homemade ice cream & gelato with the same love and care that nurtured the memories we hold so dearly.


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